What would you like to see?

Hey friends,

I’m here at my desk, as usual…but I’m currently feeling stuck. I’ve been posting for a while, but I’m not even sure if I’m doing a good job — part of being an online creator, for sure.

So, I want to ask for your help. Even though this is “The Insight Journal”, I still want to serve you guys better.

To that end, I’ve been pondering what the best option is for this newsletter. Here’s a bit of my thought process.

  1. To curate the best content I’ve consumed all week in at least one of the three categories: Learning Better, Working Better, Thinking Better + get notified of my latest posts. [AL: I think this might have the best bang for the buck — both for you and me. We might have to come up with another name for the newsletter, though.]

  2. To share my thoughts on what I’m currently reading. [AL: I’m worried this might not resonate, as I’m reading all sorts of things. Also, this might be redundant when I post my notes on the blog.]

  3. To keep The Insight Journal a random newsletter that falls under the categories of Thinking Better, Learning Better, and Working Better.

That said, I want to hear from you first before I make any changes.

What do you think is the best option?